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In all of these states treatment is a condition of release from custody and generally starts before the offender is released. In Louisiana, treatment is also a condition of sentence reduction or suspension. Castration laws in California, Georgia, Louisiana, Montana, and Wisconsin only apply to offenders convicted of sex offenses against minors. According to one study from the 1960s of about 1,000 German sex offenders who had been castrated, 65 percent men immediately felt their libido plummet, but 18 percent were able to have sex 20 Author: Michelle Tsai.

Jun 16, 2019 · One sex offender weighs in on the law. "As far as the castration, they should do it. For some of those serious guys, that should be done but that kind of abuse is in their mind not in their body." — Michael Weaver to WPMI-NBC News. Chemical castration is more effective when used as part of rehabilitation rather than punishment.Author: Mike Bebernes. Mar 07, 2016 · MONTGOMERY, Ala.-- An Alabama lawmaker is calling for convicted sex offenders to pay for their own surgical castration. Steve Hurst, a Republican from Munford, Ala., has Author: CBS/AP.

DOES CASTRATION STOP SEX CRIMES? By S and. ra G. Boodman director of the Sex Offender Treatment Program at Twin Rivers Correctional Center in Monroe, Wash. Jun 11, 2019 · Alabama governor signs law requiring chemical castration for some sex offender parolees. Under the new law, some Alabama parolees convicted of Author: Elinor Aspegren.

The Case for Castration. 31, might not be on the national sex-offender registry. Bob wouldn't have done four years in prison for molesting a young girl and buying child porn, and Jimmy wouldn Author: Tim Murphy. Mar 03, 2004 · Sex Offender Castrated Voluntarily sentence this week before facing further prosecution for an unresolved sex abuse charge, said Judy Author: AP.