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In late June 2008, Disney announced that the six remaining night clubs at Pleasure Island would close by September 28, 2008, to make room for additional family-oriented entertainment. Effective June 27, 2008, customers who purchased annual passes to Pleasure Island could receive a pro-rated refund for that purchase, due to the September 2008 scheduled closure of all of its nightclubs.Location: Walt Disney World Resort, Disney Springs, . Monday Mouse Watch: Why Pleasure Island has to close. But even with all these hints that the end was near, several Pleasure Island managers were still reportedly taken aback at last Friday afternoon's announcement. When Downtown Disney VP Kevin Lansberry revealed that all six clubs would be closing on Saturday, September 27th.

Jul 17, 2012 · The closing of Pleasure Island was a hotly debated topic within Disney and the fan community. On the surface, reports of gangs, violence, declining revenue, families mingling with heavily intoxicated guests, and “guest demand” seemed to be the reason for the demise of the once wildly popular adult entertainment district. Pleasure Island clubs and Nightlife in Downtown Disney. About Pleasure Island UPDATE: Disney's Pleasure Island Closing Permanently Pleasure Island is the nightlife district at Downtown Disney. The Island has theme nightclubs, restaurants and shops.

Fueling rumors that Pleasure Island would be reopening some of its closed clubs, Disney announced in 2009 that three venues, Motion, Soundstage and the Adventurer's Club, would become available for private rental. In March of 2010, the clubs were shut down permanently. Oct 29, 2015 · Only one man has been back to Disney World’s secret abandoned island. This is what he saw. The Plaid Zebra October 29, 2015.

Jul 24, 2018 · Pleasure Island was a star in its own right for almost 20 years. Initially created to keep guests on Disney property, Pleasure Island became a nightlife hotspot for guests and Orlando locals alike! Between the nightly New Years Eve parties and iconic nightclub offerings, Pleasure Island was the place to be for a party any night of the week. Jul 11, 2008 · Not quite 20 years old, Pleasure Island will close its six remaining nightclubs: Adventurer's Club, Comedy Warehouse, 8Trax, Mannequins Dance Palace, BET SoundStage Club, and Motion. These clubs are destined to be replaced by additional retail and dining establishments.