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Jackson Bottom Wetlands in Hillsboro getting a makeover, As autumn rains return to Jackson Bottom Wetland Preserve in Hillsboro, everything begins to change. said Lori Prince, Hillsboro's Author: John William Howard. Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve and Nature Center are located off of SW Hillsboro Highway. Preserve trails begin at the parking lot and branch into several different paths that explore the wetlands, and return to the main entrance. There is a seasonal trailhead at the north viewing area to .

Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve is a 635-acre wildlife preserve located within the city limits of Hillsboro, Oregon. It is open to the public and is a great place for hiking, bird watching and viewing wildlife in its natural habitat. The Education Center is also a great resource for learning and research. Access Lori's Direct Phone & Email. Start a 14-day free trial. General Information. Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve. Please contact our Outdoor Recreation Manager, Lori Prince, at 503-681-6424 to talk more about what you have in mind and what our needs are.

Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve and Education Center, Oregon. Located within the City of Hillsboro and in the floodplain of the Tualatin River, Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve has the mission "to connect water, wildlife, and people" and a long history of wetlands mitigation and restoration. ~Lori Prince, Outdoor Recreation Manager.