THUMBBREAK SCABBARD (C & L) - shoulder holster cocked and locked


shoulder holster cocked and locked - Thumb Break Belt Holster is made from hand crafted steerhide leather

Apr 01, 2018 · Does anyone carry in a shoulder holster cocked and locked, been thinking about this carry method for car travel. Just wondering. People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. Choosing the Right Holster. Take Galco’s Miami Classic II Shoulder Holster as an example. The look and feel of its leather is top notch, and you can use it to look like a detective or wear it under a jacket, but summertime use for concealed carry is out. Hey, I’m not knocking it because I have one. Cocked and Locked sells all models.

Jan 29, 2012 · 1911 holster: Cocked and Locked allowable strap. Welcome, Guest. Please I'm looking for a decent "mid-range" holster for carrying my 1911 cocked & locked. Won't be for concealed carry, I like my 1911, but it simply isn't what I'll carry. Now granted if you read all the crap that comes with them they say not to arry cocked and locked but. The Holster for Cocked & Locked carry. I have been carrying C&L for 30+ years. These holsters provide an additional level of security and peace of mind without compromising the speed or ease of the draw. When you have to carry all day in multiple types of environments, this is the product you need.5/5.

The DeSantis 1CL Cocked & Locked Thumb Break Scabbard Holsters feature a two-slot design that allows you to carry your Government Model.45 auto, Springfield Operator and clones, and other single-action semi-automatic pistols in cocked and locked position. The DeSantis Cocked & Locked Holster is made with highly detailed, precision molding for a terrific look that makes it a great choice for 4.7/5(10). How do I adjust and safely use a shoulder holster system? Why doesn’t my holster completely cover my firearm’s trigger guard? Are Galco Holsters for 1911s Designed to be Carried Cocked and Locked? Why are Galco products more expensive than some others? You list SIG 1911s with "contoured slides." What does that mean?

Some believe that carrying Cocked and Locked is very scary, a definite safety hazard, and they don't feel comfortable doing so. The mode of readiness and safety preferred by almost all of the experts for 1911s and most single-action pistols is called "Cocked and Locked."Author: Ben Findley. The Thumb Break Belt Holster is made from 100% hand crafted steerhide premium leather, double stitched for maximized durability. Thumb break for great retention to allow safe outside the pants carry. It covers the entire barrel for optimal gun protection and rides straight at a .