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Dec 31, 2018 · 6 Very Good Chat Sites Like Stickam. December 31, 2018 1218 0. Save Saved Removed 0. Online Chat Rooms. Chatting online has been popular since the internet began. Years ago, we used group chat sites like ICQ and MSN. Nowadays, we have video chat. This ups to the experience to a whole new level. Stickam was a live streaming site that was founded. Stickam's live video players came with built-in chat capabilities, allowing both text chat and optional video chat. Stickam's player and live stream abilities are recognized in a Variety Magazine article as a "more customizable player" that has the ability to engage fans in a powerful way using their virtual face-to Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, US.

Omegle (oh·meg·ull) is a great way to meet new friends. When you use Omegle, we pick someone else at random and let you talk one-on-one. To help you stay safe, chats are anonymous unless you tell someone who you are (not suggested!), and you can stop a chat at any time. With Stickam, its myriad of uses include video-conferencing with naked 15-year-olds and spying on your dog when you're not home. Web 2.0 has never been so versatile! Editorial note: Whoa! You've found a super-old post here on BuzzFeed, from an earlier era of the site. It doesn't really represent where we are anymore, and may in fact be totally Author: Buzzfeed Classic.

Feb 09, 2013 · Well since stickam got shut down, im trying to fin a different website like that. Hard to find acctually. Wonder if you guys who have used stickam before can help me to find a new website like that. But at the same time i hope they will open stickam again.Followers: 8. Oct 15, 2009 · For an adult site, it’s brilliant; for a site mostly populated by minors, it’s asking for trouble. I think Stickam is an amazing service and very entertaining, but it’s not a place for minors. They should allow adults to have adult fun there and keep out minors, just like .