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Adult Day Centers offer an interactive, safe, supervised environment for older adults and adults with a dementia-related disease, Parkinson’s Disease, or other organic brain syndromes. T hey provide personal care, nursing services, social services, therapeutic activities, nutrition, and therapeutic diets and emergency care. Adult Day Care for Seniors Adult day care is an option for senior living that allows elderly adults to be cared for in a daytime facility. In fact, the National Adult Day Services Association () reports that more than 150,000 seniors utilized day care services on a daily basis among a total of 5,684 adult day care centers in the US, as of 2014.. This type of senior care provides aging adults.

Adult day services is a professional care setting in which older adults, adults living with dementia, or adults living with disabilities receive individualized therapeutic, social, and health services for some part of the day. Our Older Adult Day Center offers a variety of services that help individuals age 59 and older transition from the workplace to retirement. This program is designed to protect the health, safety and well-being of seniors while also improving their quality of life.

Benefits of adult day care. Almost Family, an adult day care center provider in the U.S. and Canada, summarizes the benefits of adult day care well: “Adult day care offers a win/win situation for everyone in the family—not only the client or member who attends the program, but also for the family member who has primary responsibility as caregiver. El Dorado County Older Adult Day Services operates two adult day centers - one in Placerville and one in El Dorado Hills. "The Club" adult day centers provide a warm, nurturing and friendly setting, offering a world of activity for body, mind and spirit; helping adults remain active and involved in .

Adult day care is a great place for seniors to spend the daytime, especially if they have been isolated at home. There is a large range of both group and individual games and activities for seniors to stimulate them mentally and also to keep them physically active. It is also a fantastic way for seniors to maintain a healthy social life. For many families, adult day care is an affordable option when compared with the financial burdens of alternative care options. Almost two-thirds of seniors (age 65 or older) need some long-term care.

Adult Day Center Licensing FAQs for New & Existing Adult Day Centers. Frequently Asked Questions for New & Existing Adult Day Centers (PDF).