The Nut Diet For Weight Loss

 The Nut Diet For Weight Loss


The nut diet was offered by the Italian specialist in the end of last century. The main idea of the nut diet is almost complete replacement of animal protein to one that is Cashew Nuts

contained in the nuts (walnuts, cashew nuts, hazelnuts and almonds).

Unlike most extreme diets, the nut diet is well-balanced and has only one restriction. Every meal portion should not exceed 250 g. The nut diet lasts for 10 days, during this time you lose about 3 kilograms. Sugar and sweets are forbidden for all period of keeping the diet.

Menu (three variants for your choice)

– salad from tomatoes and chopped almonds with olive oil; pita; black coffee;

– cottage cheese casserole with sauce from orange juice, sprinkled with almond petals; tea;

– a piece of pizza stuffed with tomatoes, green pepper and goat cheese, sprinkled with crushed cashews.

– soup from potato and fennel, leaves of iceberg lettuce with olive oil and any chopped nuts; a glass of vegetable juice (tomato, carrot or pumpkin);

– soup of broccoli and white mushrooms with sour cream; a handful of walnuts; a handful of raisins or prunes; a glass of berry juice (strawberry, currant or cherry);

– tomato soup with basil; salad from roasted potato with mayonnaise; a cup of sugar free yoghurt.

– handful of nuts; a handful of raisins;

– handful of nuts and apple;