Solar Floodlights For Perimeter Safety

 Solar Floodlights For Perimeter Safety


When it comes to giving our family members peace of mind next to the home security system itself a great product to consider that is on the market today are Solar solar floodlight


There are solar companies that produce incredible products that would be a fantastic addition to any home security system. One such product is the Solar Floodlight with Heat & Motion Sensor. Motion detecting lights are a great intruder deterrent and can protect your home or business from vandals.

The Solar Floodlight is available in two colors: white and silver. The power for this light comes from a rechargeable lead acid battery that is included. During daylight the battery is charged and once charged can work for up to two weeks without any sun so there is no need to worry about storms reducing your security coverage.

The solar panel is made from high power crystal and the bulb is a bright 15W Quartz Halogen lamp. This light can be easily installed anywhere because it does not require working with wiring. The Solar Floodlight comes complete with a 14 foot cable that allows home owners or business owners to place the light in the best location possible. It has an outstanding sensing range of 30 feet with a 90 degree horizontal detection. The light duration can be set to 30 or 60 second durations giving you greater flexibility in designing your perimeter system.

Although this incredible wireless Solar Floodlight is an excellent deterrent it should not be considered a replacement for home security or business security solutions. The best